Keep anything you wish to in your iPhone leather wallet case

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The e-Vibe iPhone leather wallet case might be a progressive new item that will dispense with the entirety of the migraines identified with remaining composed.

This item permits you to merge everything that may typically be kept in pants pockets. Like keys, charge cards, spare change, dollar notes, mobile phones, headphones, and any of your Bluetooth extras.

This gadget permits you to store those things in a single sheltered and secure belt case, which gives you a cushy, classy, and direct to get to a place to store individual possessions.


Open your iPhone leather wallet case, and begin to mess with it. Little inquiry you’ll see certain compartments that you essentially can use to store different things. The entirety of the pockets is deliberately designed to convey basic pocket things in a single sheltered and secure area.

Spot your iPhone into the general gadget pocket.

You’ll perceive how your telephone fits into the iPhone leather wallet case during a safe design, yet additionally considers clear access. The widespread gadget pocket can hold an iPhone as well as numerous other phone models. While you might want your telephone secure, it shouldn’t be hard to ask it out.


Next store your driver’s permit, MasterCard, and shopping cards inside the ID holder opening and card spaces. To attempt to do this you just unfasten the case, and you’ll see these compartments on the inside. The case is very roomy, so affirm that you essentially money in and don’t squander any space.


Presently store your change and bills inside the iPhone leather wallet case.

There are a money pocket and a zippered coin pocket that is planned explicitly, for this reason, so affirm that you essentially utilize this space to its maximum capacity.


Next, put your frill like headphones or Bluetooth headsets into the surface speedy access the extra pocket of your iPhone Wallet Case. These will hold any frill or different things that you essentially requirement for your telephone.


Utilize the 180-degree pivoting belt clasp to interface your case to your belt.

This is regularly a significant obligation cut and can secure your resources while furnishing you with brisk admittance to them. Additionally, included might be an advantageous key clasp you’ll use for speedy key access.


Make the most of your iPhone leather wallet case!

It makes shopping, settling on telephone decisions, and everything else a whole parcel simpler, on the grounds that it stores everything in a sorted out way. Presently you have your telephone, spare change, charges, Visas, driver’s permit, Bluetooth embellishments, and keys beat one area.

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